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Posted: Tuesday 3rd August 2010 05:26 am

Telescopic rear axle armoured vehicle - easy!

OK well I have to admit there are a few problems with my CATAMARAN vehicle design.

  • Heavier armour for the same volume protected

  • The inner sides required to be armoured and connected together and that all adds weight. Precisely how much more weight is difficult to predict but a significant thickness of additional armour required certainly

Therefore I am now turning to a different and easier idea to solve the roll-over problem for MRAP armoured vehicles - telescopic rear axles although there are certain design concepts I have previously described for the CATAMARAN vehicle which I do want to retain.

Therefore the telescopic rear axle design although it is perhaps a less radical and innovative mono-hull design than the CATAMARAN Vehicle design, nevertheless it has many excellent features which greatly enhance the performance over the standard MRAP.

Telescopic Rear Axles. Extended - Wide.

Telescopic Rear Axles. Collapsed - Narrow.

Hydraulic cylinders components are available to be adapted for this purpose.

The axles would need to be braced vertically to stop them bending under the weight of the vehicle.

Armoured Personnel Carrier Designed by Peter Dow.

  • Front vehicle seats a maximum of 11 people
  • Armoured passenger trailer seats a maximum of 7 people
  • Vehicle with trailer seats a maximum of 18 people
  • Roof mounted remote-controlled machine guns
  • Trailer wheel steering
  • Telescopic Rear Axle & Wheels
  • Rotation on the spot
  • Even axle weight distribution
  • 5 : 3 weight & length ratio, 5 (vehicle) : 3 (trailer)

Peter Dow,