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Posted: Saturday 7th August 2010 04:06 am

HUMPBAC - APC with walk-through connecting trailer

Introducing HUMPBAC - an armoured personnel carrier with a connecting doorway from the rear of the vehicle to walk through into the armoured passenger trailer. Tickets please! Very Happy

Hinged Under-floor-Mine-Protection Battle-ready Armoured-personnel Carrier
Copyright Peter Dow, 7th August, 2010.

HUMPBAC Features
  • Trailer bolts firmly to the rim of the vehicle forming a rigid joint
  • Rear section of vehicle is hinged to articulate the trailer's vertical motion
  • Movement of hinged rear section accommodated by a hump in the roof
  • Hinge moves +/- 30 degrees, 2 modes - locked and unlocked.
  • Unlocked hinge swings free to maximise grip from each axle
  • Locked hinge may be fixed by hydraulics if an axle is damaged
  • Vehicle rear door can serve as a connecting doorway to the trailer section
  • Front vehicle seats a maximum of 11 people
  • Armoured passenger trailer seats a maximum of 7 people
  • Vehicle with trailer seats a maximum of 18 people
  • Roof mounted remote-controlled machine guns- front, top & tail gun
  • Trailer wheel steering
  • 6-wheel drive
  • Telescopic Rear Axle & Wheels
  • Rotation on the spot
  • Even axle weight distribution
  • 5 : 3 weight & length ratio, 5 (vehicle) : 3 (trailer)
Peter Dow,